Joanne Tepper Saffren has not followed a single path in her exploration and lifelong dedication to art. In the 1970's she studied painting and printmaking at Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles where she received her BFA in 1978. Upon graduation from Otis, she started a design practice in Venice, California. While working as a graphic designer, art director, and design educator, Joanne continued experimenting with alternate forms of making. In 1992, Joanne moved her design practice and her family to Folsom, Ca. In 2012, her desire to make work that questions contemporary perceptions grew to her current full-time study and art practice. Summer of 2016, Joanne began a graduate curriculum at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago directed by Greg Bordowitz. A program that focuses on poetics and the positive empowerment of art. July of 2018, Joanne closed the 40 year gap from BFA to MFA. Recently, through the making of work, Joanne began questioning the word comfort and its relation to domestic bliss and the Anthropocene.